Rapidcart Pro and Rapidcart 3 in RW8?

Are there problems.
Using Rapidcart Pro?
I like the old rapidcart 3.
Is it possible to use it also?

Because I have a lot of products in my website built with the olde version.
Of course i like to built new pages with pro.
It cost a lot of time to renew it.



Rapidcart Pro works in RW8, as far as I know. Iā€™m not sure about Rapidcart 3. You should be able to import all of your Rapidcart products from the old version to the new one, though, without rebuilding from scratch

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I confirm RapidCart Pro 4 is compatible with RW8.
You can import all your RapidCart 3 products into a new RapidCart Pro 4 page with just a click.

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