RW7 Rapid Cart 3 to RW8

The problem is if I switch to RW8 the rapid cart 3 no longer works.
No payments can be made.
For each type of part I need to create a page with a grid, and a group description to be found, with metatags etc.
So that is a huge job.
Now I also build other websites in RW 8.
I really want to transfer my RW7 site to RW 8 and convert the pages in between.
Is it now the case that the upgrades 8.3 Rapidcart 3 can now also show in RW8? Or should I really convert every page?
Because Google only registers the sitemap.xml pages the products made in Rapidcart pro are not found.
So that’s why each product group has to be made into a separate page for findability.
Who has a solution?
Or can I convert the RW7 site to RW8?
Greetings Tony

Not sure if I understand what you’re saying.

RapidCart Pro 4 is the latest version and should work with RapidWeaver 8 according to their website.

If the only reason you’re not upgrading to “RW8/RapidCart Pro 4” is the sitemap because search engines like google won’t find pages that aren’t in the sitemap isn’t true. Google and all search engines should “index” every link on a site unless it’s instructed by a robots.txt file or a noindex on the link.

The sitemap just is a starting point for them, and might speed the “indexing” process. There are “other ways” to build a sitemap(post publishing) but you really shouldn’t need to.

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