Rapidcart Pro 5

Does anyone know if there is coming Rapidcart pro 5?

Foreground doesn’t show any news on there website.

Some problems?



Foreground has said it will be later this year, but have not given an exact date.

For the time being, you can use RapidCart Pro 4.10.1, but don’t upgrade to RCP 4.10.2 as they have blocked this from working in RapidWeaver 8.

Hope that helps.

Naturally that’s the version I purchased last week. 8-(

They’ve blocked it from working, or it just doesn’t work? Have they actually made it not work on purpose?

You can download 4.10.1 from the link above :+1:

Unfortunately, yes, RCP 4.10.2 blocks you from using it in RW8. For the time being, I’d recommend using RCP 4.10.1 in RW8.

Pigging @rob and @gibo (the makers of RCP, so they can chime in here).

Thanks @dan. Sounds like RCPro 5 will be a paid upgrade then.


This is NOT something we’d recommend nor officially support.

Unfortunately RapidCart Pro 4 is not fully compatible with RW8. You can publish unmodified existing projects, but creating new ones or editing existing projects may lead to unexpected results and crashes. This is the reason why latest update blocks editing capabilities on RW8 while keeps exporting / publishing your unmodified RCP page content.

We recommend using it on RW6 or RW7, which are the only platforms RCP officially supports at the moment, until we finalize an updated RapidCart, which will be available in September.

I’d also like to remind that support for our plugins is available thru our support site, as we are not regularly lurking this forum.


Thank you for the update Gilberto.

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RapidCart Pro 4.11.0 supporting RapidWeaver 8 has just been released.
You can update it directly from RapidWeaver or on https://4gnd.com/rapidcartpro.


Updated RW and used your latest Rapidcart update. My site is working like a charm and even RapidCart is working great!! Thanks for your quick update @rob and @gibo. If you’ll continue Rapidcart to version 5.0 with some improvements you get my support!!!


@jeepke Please find a moment to leave a review or like it on Realmac Software Community website.
It’s important for us.
Thank you.

Just done. Copy below.

> Complete webstore for less money

Used this addon for about 2 years and still works very fine. For the amount of money they asked for it you get an complete store-solution for rapidweaver without any monthly fees.
After a long time no improvements and a lack of support the team of RapidCart is waked up again and delivers in the past few months 3 updates to get ready for RW8. To get the best out of this addon, you can best buy the e-commerce tutorial from Realmac that is an exellent start to discover the functionality of RapidCart. I’ll hope that the near future will bring us new improvements by releasing the 5.0 version. It’s worth every penny!!

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Thank you, @jeepke.
Much appreciated.

Very happy to read about the reports of great customer service - thanks for letting us know!


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