RapidCart Pro Cant add to cart?(SOLVED)

I’m using Aspen and Rapidcart Pro. For some readon I cannot add items to the cart. Works fine in RW but wont work when published?

You’ve got insecure/mixed content issues.

Any way to get around it I am using cloudflare for my https but publishing to a standard godaddy server…not sure how to get the https attached to the resources?

The messages @NeilUK highlighted are warnings, so they won’t stop a page from working. However, you do have a mixed content issue, It happens when you go to add content to the cart.
An AJAX function is trying to load an HTTP endpoint.

I don’t have RCP so I don’t know if that is something you can set in the store options?

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I think it’s in RCP > Customization > Settings > General window that also has to be set to https.


That was it!
Thanks for your help errybody!


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