Rapidcart Pro cost&discount

I try to set 2 kinds of discount but it doesn’t work.

1 : I have 6 products and I would like when a customer buy the 6, automatically he get a discount

2 : For the 6 products, if they have the oldest one, the can get a special “upgrade” price, I set up the discount for each and introduce the sku’s of each but when I introduce the coupon code, the discount is only for one product, never for each one

Thanks for you help,

Thierry Costa

the website : www.eqilibre.eu/videos

Percentage and fixed costs and discounts (with or without a coupon code) can be applied to:

  • entire cart
  • each product of a given category
  • number of items in the cart
  • given products
  • each product of a given tag
  • weight of the cart

If you don’t need to specify what product, as long as the customer has at least 6 items in the cart, you can use the items type to apply a discount for 6 or more items.

Otherwise, you can bundle your product as “packs”, set as options with a base price, for example

  • 1 Unit
  • 2-pack
  • 6-pack

Hai Rob,

If I put in a discount code. Can I manage that my customer only use this code ones? (1 time)

Hope to here from you.

Grzt Eddy

You can limit the usage amount in the settings.

Thanks, I mean that I want a code that several customers can only use once. (maybe whit a log on there mailadres ore IP?

I want to give discount on the first order for everyone. But I want that the can only use it once per person

Hope you understand me