Online store and discount agreements

Are there any online stores that handle fixed discount agreements with customers?

Rapid Cart Pro has an option for discount codes.

Cartloom and Ecwid probably have a similar option as well, but I don’t know for sure. Maybe someone who has used them can chime in?

Does it handle different customer agreements on the same product?

You can generate unique discount codes which you can send to one or more customers. As each code is unique, there should be no problem in having different discounts for the same product. As i recall you can also set how many times a customer can use a specific discount code.

RCP does have a demo available so you can try it out yourself and see if it works for you.


Ecwid has the “Customer groups” feature that might do what you want. You can assign customers to specific groups like Wholesales, VIP clients etc and then give a discount based on the group. For example, all wholesalers get 10% on all products. More details:

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Please explain “fixed discount agreement”


I’ll try to explain.

Customer 1: 20% discount on product 1 and 15% discount on product 2.
Customer 2: 5% discount on product 1 and 10% on product 2.

All customers have different discount agreements on all products. Can’t find a solution for RapidWeaver that handles this.

Currently Cartloom can only apply a single discount at a time. There are plans to add “stacked” discounts in a future update though. :grin:

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Do you have any information about when?

No I do not.

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