RapidCart Pro 4.18.5

I have a RapidCart Pro store set up on a website, and am using the COUPON code function for organization members to get a 10% discount on products they buy.

The discount works fine, and the cart shows the correct subtotal after the coupon code is applied.

However, when the 6% state sales tax is applied in PayPal, it is applied to the full cost of the items BEFORE the discount is taken.

How can I get it to apply the 6% tax to the subtotal AFTER the discount is subtracted?

Enable “Apply Taxes to Costs” in Customization > Settings > Cart window.


THANKS so much! Sorry for the delayed response — Got busy doing something else, and missed the email notifying me of your reply until today.

This fixed it. Great program — Just a little complicated for novices like me to set up. But all working the way we want it to now.

Thanks again.

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