eCommerce Stack + PayPal, - Account


I’m looking for a simple one-product per page stack where people can make a PayPal payment with or without applying a discount coupon. I’d like one where I can do it directly, without involving a third party (e.g without having to set up an account with another service.

Ideal workflow is person goes to this page, adds the product to the cart, proceeds to check out, and either pays the full price or applies a coupon (previously mailed to them) and then pays a discounted price. I don’t need fancy graphics, special offers or anything else.

I have tried searching, but haven’t come up with anything. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


We have just released RapidCart Pro 4 with support to stock management, coupon codes, new stacks to build custom product pages and much more.
You can take a look at it to add coupon codes functionality to your web store.

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