RapidCart Pro, Order Details not showing up in Paypal or Stripe Receipt

Hi Folks,

First time post here on the forum. Love RapidWeaver, and RapidCart Pro and that fact that I don’t need to pay monthly fee for eCommerce website with this solution!

I’m running RW8, with latest RapidCart Pro. I’ve setup a Live Paypal API client, and ran a live “test” purchase to see if everything works from my site using the RapidCart Store.

I went through the Cart steps and transaction through Paypal went smooth. I got an email with an order showing the details of the item purchased, but a small issue I have is that in the business Paypal account, the receipt does not show the details of the item purchased. It just shows a random order number in the Order details field. See below for capture:

During the cart process, The order details did show up when I logged into Paypal to finalize my payment. So Paypal knew what was being purchased.

Anyone know how I can get Paypal to show the details of what was actually purchased, instead of just an order number in my business account.



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I thought perhaps it was because I had not enabled mySQL feature in RapidCart Pro, but that didn’t fix the problem. Even with mySQL now running and storing orders in the database, Paypal receipts still do not show the actual items ordered in the Paypal receipt.


There is a 3 year old thread in StackOverflow discussing this problem, but not specifically to RapidCart Pro or RapidWeaver. Has something to do with when “success” is issued, and Paypal returns to home URL.

I’ve looked at all the RapidCart settings, and can’t see anything that would be related to a possible fix for this.

Another thread in another forum discussing similar issue, but no solution.


Up to now, I’ve been using Paypal “buy it now” buttons which I setup in Paypal, which did not have this issue.

It will be a real bummer, if this can’t be solved, because I use Paypal to ship, and verifying what I ship using the order details in Paypal. I will now have to go lookup this order number, make sure I got the right now, and verify the contents of what is being shipped against this. An extra step prone to making errors of what is shipping.

I created a STRIPE account to test out RapidCart Pro. It was very simple to set this up. I ran a live trasaction and sure enough same problem. Receipts don’t show details of items ordered, just an order number.

The STRIPE dashboard shows the transaction, but no details of what was ordered.

Below is a screen shot of the STRIPE receipt.

That’s expected.
PayPal is used to handle transaction only, RapidCart Pro sendsonly generic informations (order ID, total, taxes, currency, …) to PayPal.
All order details are available in receipt both seller and customer receive and in Admin area (RCP Advanced only).

Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the quick response. I do have the PRO license and did get the email receipt with details of the purchase.

I guess I’ve become used to the Paypal buttons, which end up showing all the details in the Paypal account. It’s nice to have that detail there, cause I use Paypal to ship, generate the packaging slip, and verify the box contents against the Paypal payment. It’s convenient to have all that in one location. Now have to print a copy of the order number from website Admin area, and match Paypal transaction with same order number to know what to include in the box.

Something to think about for future release. Perhaps add a button in the settings area, allowing users to include all the cart item details in the Paypal/Stipe/etc site also if they choose.



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