RapidCart Pro - Orders Not Showing Up

I have all my store settings set up, including my database, I’m just not seeing orders through the online management site, why would this be happening? Do I maybe need to setup a Webhook URL for the online management site, if so in my case what would it be?

People can place orders and I receive money via PayPal from people, the orders are just not showing up for me to see the order details.

I’m also not receiving an email when new orders go through.

My Store - https://arizmendisoaps.net/store.php
Using - RapidCart Pro 4.9.1
Under RW - 7.3.3

Please help asap.

On your checklist (https://arizmendisoaps.net/store.php?checklist), it’s showing an unhappy face for the paypal, so I’m wondering if there’s something in your setup that’s not getting the order’s processed to you. Obviously Paypal is working if you’re receiving money but maybe that is where the disconnect is happening.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to troubleshoot any further other than to double check your paypal setup as per the RCP manual…

I’m not sure where the problem lies in my set up settings, that’s part of my issue I believe. As far as I know all of my PayPal settings are correct and like I said I do receive money through PayPal, the order part is just not going through and showing up.