RapidCart Pro - Trying to get the Orders

I’ve spent a lot of time building 3 carts with RapidCart Pro I now face a new obstacle: getting the payments and invoices to go through. I’m hoping someone can help me get this working.

I couldn’t get the Sandbox function working so I have a small site already live. It’s not high high-traffic so I’m using it as an experiment. www.trudiemoore.com.au

  1. When I order a product (like the Test Product), the payment gets through to the end then says there has been an error with the payment. However, the payment has actually gone through to PayPal. So you end up sending it several times before giving up. No idea why this is happening.

  2. When the order appears in PayPal, the item is listed by the paypal order number, not the name of the item and variant. There’s no way to tell what anyone has bought. I must be missing something in the settings?

  3. I try to set up the online Admin (Advanced version) to see if I can see the orders there. I’ve never used databases so I’m probably missing something here.
    I added a database with username and password on the C-Panel using the Wizard
    I put this info and the URL of the site into RCPro and the Admin Page appeared online. Phew!

However, no PayPal orders are appearing on the Admin page when I purchase. Maybe I’m missing something on the database settings?

This is the current problem I’m having in a long line of getting this cart set up and working. I have several big jobs that will be following and I’m getting nervous about how well this will work.
It would also be good to hear from people who’ve set up and worked with the cart without a problem.

I have my own troubleshooting notes I will happily share if I see anyone having the same dramas.


Does it work with PayPal in Live mode or with Direct Order?

That’s expected.
Only order number and total is passed to the payment gateway.
Order details are in email receipt and in Admin area (if enabled).

Is “Save Order Details” enabled in Customization > Settings > Database window?

BTW I’ve checked your Store page and you set no shipping rules other than for Australia.
I suggest you to disabled all countries except Australia in Cart > Countries & Taxes window.

Thanks for your reply. Below is the error message I get after ordering with PayPal - sometimes. I have 2 live carts online going to separate paypal accounts. Both seemed to work the first time but got this message on other attempts, even though the actual payment went through:

(the other items I asked about have been covered in another post)


Can you reproduce the problem or is it completely random?

I’m trying to get other people to test purchase. Will come back when I have more information. Thanks

I have a live page here that we’ve been testing: www.crystalshop.com.au/store.php
The paypal error seems to have stopped.
A couple of minor things:
• The tooltip over the cart button flickers and it’s position makes it hard to click on the button
• There is nothing to clear the cart so when you come back again the same items you bought last time are still in there.
• The final Checkout page is blank. I’ve tried all 3 checkout page options but nothing appears on the page once you click ‘Send Order.’

My previous problem - no orders on my admin page - still persists. I have checked the box to save orders. The database is in the cPanel. Coupons are working, Orders are coming through to the email but not to the admin page. Admin page is online but empty.

Thanks for your help,

PayPal Error message. Apparently it’s still there. I had a customer test this cart www.crystalshop.com.au/shop.php and she got the paypal error causing her to go back and pay twice.
I had previously got the error when I purchased from this cart www.trudiemoore.com.au/store.php
2 separate sites/stores, different computers, paying to different paypal accounts.
The error doesn’t come up all the time.

Sorry for my late reply.
I had some personal difficulties.

Please copy the following code

body { position: inherit !important; }

and paste it into Customization > Style window.

The cart is automatically emptied upon a successful checkout.

Please enable Debug Mode in Customization > Settings > General window and retry.
With this mode enabled you should see some PHP errors required to know what’s wrong with your installation.
If you still can’t see PHP errors please refer to your hosting provider in order to find how to enable PHP error displaying or to get error log file.

If the error can’t be reproduced every time I can’t find what’s wrong with it.
If you don’t want to waste money in payments and refunds, enable Sandbox mode in PayPal settings and try to place a test order with your PayPal Sandbox customer account (you find it in your Dashboard at https://developer.paypal.com).

But first of all, please enable Debug Mode as said in my previous post.

Thanks Rob. Tooltip fixed.

Regarding De-bug mode, I found the checklist:


PayPal is ok here.

I can’t understand with sending of the order to the buyer and the seller. When ordering, it is written that everything is fine, the order is issued, but the letter never comes. The mail settings are used by default, and if you use their settings, it is generally not sent and displayed error. Say please, how to configure e-mail?