Rapidcart Pro Options Location


I have a Rapidcart Pro shop and some items have a text option for buyers to fill in, but I can’t for the life of me find where that info is located when the order is processed by PayPal. I can look up the transaction in my Paypal account, but the option text is seemingly nowhere to be found, just an order number that appears to have been generated either by PayPal or Rapidcart Pro. This is the case both on the PayPal website and in the confirmation email that I received from PayPal.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I use Rapidcart Pro, but not with Paypal, I’m not sure how a text field would make its way through to your Paypal Account. What may help me, and others, to help you would be a link to the site, and to the text field you mention so we have a clearer idea of what the issue could be?



Here is a link to the online page. http://thebigmuddydanceco.org/rapidcartpro/index.php?catalog/all/-/date/1

Is yours the same issue as mentioned in this earlier thread? RapidCart Pro, Order Details not showing up in Paypal or Stripe Receipt

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