RapidCart Pro Paypal checkout NOW WORKING

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Hi All,
I ended last week complaining that RapidCart Pro Paypal checkout does not work. After entering 130 odd items into its database I was really P!ssed off to find that the Paypal checkout function had a conniption and wouldnt work. To make matters worse Omniidea were not responding to my pleads for support. Once Paypal got involved things changed and Omniidea were quite forthcoming with suggestions and managed to get things working except for an “error:400” which would scuttle the whole process. What Omniidea fails to tell site developers in its RCP manual is that the plugin will not work properly unless deployed. In other words, if you try to test the sandbox locally (on your computer) it will raise an error. Once I uploaded the site, no more “select a payment method” popup and no more “Error:400” problems. In summary the checklist for a error free sale is;
Make sure your API client ID and API secret codes are loaded into their respective fields.
Upload your site to its live or test destination .
Everything should work as designed.

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