RapidCart Pro product description (HTML)

Using latest version of Rapidcart Pro 4.17.2.

When trying to add a new product or duplicating a product, Rapidcart will not hold any HTML code in the description field even when saving the database.
Any entry here disappears.
Please help

Thank you

Seems to be similar to this post:


yes is very similar.

I have this occuring across 2 separate rapidcart projects so i assume has something to do with one of the recent versions installed

@gavtanner as discussed privately, this seems related to latest RapidWeaver 8.6.2 upgrade.

I’d suggest to downgrade to 8.6.1 while we check out what’s wrong.

CC @tpbradley

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thank you.

running on previous version.

trust you will get to the bottom of this issue.

thank you

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