Rw7.5.6 Crashing when adding new products to store

Anyone else experienced this: have a small website up and running selling digital products. Only put four products on there to test it. Finally got it all working but at some point today I’ve accidentally updated to 7.5.6 and now it crashes every time I try to add a new product to the rapidcart pro page of my store. I’m bout sure which version of rw7 is was on prior to the update but is is possible to go back after a badly judged update?

You can use any version you like, just don’t have them open at the same time.

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Do you run the latest version of RCP?

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yep all up to date on rapid cart pro 4.14 rapid weaver 7.5.6 Mac OSX High Sierra so a little behind on the operating system. everything wa working fine and then suddenly crash window appears every time i hit the + button in Rapid Cart Pro. ive tried opening a brand new project and creating a rapid cart page and same thing happens as soon as i hit the add button it crashes. im not very computer savvy really so this is a headache to say the least when i just thought i was getting somewhere. :disappointed:

The post above David (@thang) gave you allows you to get any releases of RapidWeaver you need. You need to know what release you upgraded from. I doubt that it’s a compatibility issue as 7.5.6 has been out for quite some time (8.1.x is current).

I’m not a rapidCart user so you might want to contact their support [](, as they don’t monitor any forums.

ok so ive narrowed this down a bit and managed to re-create a scenario that causes the crashing.
IfI launch rapid weaver from scratch and create a rapid cart pro page in it i can populate it with products with no problems. however, if i then save the project, when i re-open it the crash occurs as soon as i hit the ADD PRODUCTS + button. once the error has happened, even if i open a new project and do the same thing again it crashes, unless i restart my computer and relaunch RW then its ok on a fresh page again… until i save.
I have sent all this to Foreground to look into but they say its behaving normally on theoir system. does anyone know of any reason or setting that i could have inadvertently altered that causes RW to behave like this with a project once it has been saved?

@jigbyjim we were finally able to identify the root cause of this issue, which affects only older versions of macOS.

Please update to latest RapidCart Pro 4.14.2 which will fix it.


Thank you so much for getting back to me. My Mac is quite old now high Sierra as high as I can go with the OS so this will really help. I’ll will try downloading this new version when I get back home on Sunday and let you know.


Thank-you. I updated rapidcart pro to 4.14.2 and it all works perfectly. Thanks so much for getting back to me and solving the problem.

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