Really Need help with RapidWeaver 8 + RapidCart Pro + Stacks

Hi you guys.

Been using RapdiWeaver + RapidCart for years now.
Still using the old versions on my old MacBook.

You can visit my simple page at:

I’ve got RapidWeaver 8 + RapidCart Pro 4 for 2 years now on my iMac, I think, but I can’t make anything. I’m trying and trying, but can’t even let a picture for a product become visible.
So I won’t be able to make a copy of my current website.

I’ve been looking for tutorials (for dummies), but I can’t find anything.
The standard tutorial is not helpful for me.

Who can help me, making my current website in RapidWeaver 8 + RapidCart Pro?

Links to video tutorials are also welcome.

I really need help, 'cause my MacBook with the old Rapidweaver has died this morning.

Hi @MvdS1975,

I’m an Ecwid user myself, so I can’t really help you wth RapidCart.

Having said that:

You can download older versions of RapidWeaver from Realmac’s site: RapidWeaver Release Notes

Also: RapidCart 4 is no longer supported; you should probably consider upgrading to RapidCart 5.