Rapidcart Pro using Stripe

Hi Guys

I am using Stripe and Paypal payment methods on a number of sites i have but have been asked about using other payment methods such as AfterPay/ClearPay. I know Stripe offers this as an additional payment method but cant find out how to do this through Rapidcart Pro currently.

Has anyone been able to set this up and if so how is it done ?

Any assistance or pointers would be much appreciated.
Thank you

After doing some research on Stripe site, i understand that Stripe now support a number of Payment methods such as AfterPay/ClearPay and not just Card payment.

Current release of Rapidcart only supports Card payment option.
Maybe the guys at Foreground can assist here to provide the option for Card or AfterPay payment methods in the setup of the Cart options in RapidCart Pro ?
Roberto - any plans for this ? @rob @gibo

You probably should tag them here so they get notified that you have a question.
@rob @gibo

Great idea thanks Doug

AfterPay in RapidCart ?
It appears to be a simple addition to card payment method inside Stripe
@rob @gibo ??

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