RapidCart & RapidLink

I’m using Rapid Weaver 5.3.2. and RapidCart 3.3.4 and RapidLink 1.4.3.

Does anyone know if either RapidCart or RapidLink will upgrade without a charge based on what I’m using now.

No. You can upgrade to Rapidcart Pro, but you have to pay (discounted). You also have to use Amazon S3 for digital downloads.

It looks fantastic, but there will be cost implications.

So you’re saying I can’t use my PayPal anymore ( http://www.peafowl.com/rapidcart/download.html ) for people to down load my books with this new RapidCart Pro…Does Amazon S3 charge for this service…I like what I have now as I do not have to pay unless they buy and PayPal charges only on what is bought…

You can get a free upgrade to RapidCart 3.4.x (for RW5) or RapidCart 3.6.x (for RW6) here.

RapidCart Pro 4 is a paid upgrade and requires RapidWeaver 6+. RCP Advanced license and Amazon S3 account are needed in order to handle digital downloads.