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I have used RapidCart for e-books and PayLoom for my store in RW5.

I just moved up to RW6 and PayLoom pro 4 weeks ago with the HIVE theme… peafowl.com

I have a PayPal account for 17 years and keep my e-books on my web host server…

I need store that use to work like RapidCart (for downloads) and the former PayLoom which is not being sold now I bought it for weeks ago. Its having issues with it and I learned that it is not being sold anymore today…

I do not have stacks and want a store that I can sell downloads from my web host server and no monthly fee…Our sale do nor support a monthly fee…I do not want stacks and need a good program like the old PayLoom And RapidCart…

I Can not find what I need and I hope someone develops a new program that does this again.


It seems Omnidea has Rapidcart 3 for free :grinning: :

It works with RW5, and afaik works for digital downloads from your host server, and should be fine for your physical items as well. You said that you already have Rapidcart, so I’m not clear on why you can’t use it for physical item sales.

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The Problem is that RCP4, for selling Digital Goods, requires they be stored on Amazon S3 server (that has a fee associated with it) - according to the docs anyway, I have a support ticket in right now about adding local digital downloads as an option.

The other issue is you need the Advanced version of RCP4 for digital download capability, Starter version does not have Digital Download capability

The OP is using RW 6.3.8, does not want or have YourHead Stacks at the moment and has been fighting with PayPal implementation for the last couple weeks with PayLoom 3 Pro version, finally to get Yabdab involved and a holiday is taken for a week (which he deserves). Dennis (OP) is losing sales/business cause we can’t get it figured out and is unable or willing to share the project file and login credentials to get it working. PayLoom seems ideal, but instructions on sellers site are accurate to a point but images for PayPal setup are way out of whack as are some of the explanations for ID’s, codes, etc. Current issue is return URL is incorrect (but generated by PayLoom so should be proper). PayLoom has also been taken off of YabDab’s site as a purchasable item (which leaves PaySnap but that was updated 2 years ago and requires Stacks), Cart requires Stacks, Mals requires Stacks and hosting of digital goods at Mals, Paddle requires stacks and hosting of digital goods at Paddle and on and on…

So the requirements for this project are:

Goods: Digital & Physical
Cart System (Plugin Kind with no stacks)
RW6+ capable
PayPal payments (has Business account)
locally hosted Digital Downloads
No other fees associated for external storage of digital goods.


Brad, actually i posted about +Rapidcart 3+ which does allow digital goods to be stored on one’s local server and seems to fulfill all of @peacock’s requirements afaik. Interestingly, it’s now free! Unfortuantely the page for RC3 does not seem to have a link for details, but as i recall it fits all of Dennis’s requirements. In fact, Dennis posted that he had already been using Rapidcart previously, but didn’t mention which version he had been using. Worth checking with the devs anyway. @rob and @gibo

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Hey David… yes, absolutely, RC3 should work if his host provides the necessary permissions to rw_common folder and certain other functions of PHP 5.2+

It’s free because it is deprecated (only receiving security updates, no further development in favour of RCP4), which could cause issues down the line as PHP on hosts is upgraded to 5.4 and 7… Trying to find something Future Proof and RW6/7 compatible…

I’m not sure which version he had either but it did work with local hosting of digital downloads and purchases through Paypal so I suspect RC3Pro, although @peacock did say that he investigated further and requires an Amazon S3 account for digital downloads using Paypal… so I don’t actually know what he was using with RW5.

Hopefully we hear back from @rob and or @gibo

Always appreciate your suggestions David! Wonderful brainstorming with you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words Brad - and likewise always a pleasure.

As i recall there was RC3 and then RCP3, and RC (non-pro) did not require an Amazon S3 account. Your points are well taken as far as future proofing goes though, but worth checking the details on RC3 as there doesn’t seem to be any other viable alternatives, and it may be the best solution under the circumstances.

Hard to imagine using RW without Stacks. It certainly limits one’s options, but then again off the top of my head I’m not sure if there is a stacks alternative now for self-hosted digital downloads and physical goods.

As you said, Rob and Gibo will no doubt clear things up.

Cheers, :tropical_drink:

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Yes, without Stacks, RW is neutered :slight_smile: imho.

Stack options include:

Cart by YuzoolThemes - Standard PayPal Fees
PaySnap by Yabdab (2 years old) - Standard PayPal Fees
Paddle by inStacks - 5%+50¢ PER SALE

But both offer local hosting of digital goods and PayPal payment options.

There may be more but that’s all I could find.

Cheers :turtle: :medal:

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Digital delivery in RapidCart Pro requires Amazon S3.

We have a long experience now (thanks to RapidLink) when it comes to combining self-hosted digital delivery and the average - cheap - hosting service. This combination often leads to troubles.

Amazon S3 is incredibly affordable but still offers better performances and security when compared to the majority of hosting services out there.

Some users start complaining without even having a look at Amazon costs, which is free for the first 12 months and then is charged few cents per GB. More info at Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service Pricing - Amazon Web Services

This is why we’re not planning to add self-hosted digital delivery support in RapidCart Pro at the moment.

Did you had a look at the new Paddle stack by @instacks?


Thanks @gibo, just means another account to manage I guess :slight_smile:
Ignore my enhancement request then lol


Just wondering though, (mostly to see if my memory is still intact) if RC3 did/does support self-hosted digital delivery?

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RapidCart 3 supports digital delivery using RapidLink, which has been discontinued.


Thanks for the clarification on Rapidcart 3.

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Thank you everyone for your comments on this subject.

Not being a computer engineer and as bright as all the wonderful people who write these programs that I truly enjoy and use, I have some input that I think is extremely valuable as a paying customer.

I am in a niche business which does not always do business ( and that is ok with me). And having to pay for digital downloads on a monthly basis when in fact we don’t even cover our monthly costs for for our site is not cost-efficient for us. We just celebrated our 20th year on the web with our webpage.

I’m one of those old-fashioned guys that likes “what you see is what you get” programs and it works just fine for me and I’m quite happy with programs that work that way.

And a monthly fee are not affordable for me or anyone else like me. I don’t have a rich uncle or have a trust fund to take care of our finances. I’m a simple man, with a the Peacock farm and a music teacher in a very low-paying school district.

So now, here’s my point, I think there is a need for a supported self-hosted digital delivery program for some brilliant engineer to design. There are many people like me out there who can’t afford to or not willing to pay a monthly fee. The Cliché of saying its the price of doing business does not work with me. It never used to be that way and for some reason people have decided it’s too much work to do all the coding to keep these wonderful programs going.

Please do not be offended, I am about to say something controversial. It seems to me there are so many stacks that everybody’s putting all their energies into that, forgetting about e-commerce.

If I had the knowledge and the time I would design a program for people like myself. However that’s never going to happen in my lifetime.

Please do not be offended by my comments or statements. But I feel that this is an important thing to be said and read by so many brilliant software engineers that are participating in this forum. I respect all of you and your wisdom and your brilliance of designing these fantastic programs. But please, don’t forget the simplicity of the pass…making things more complex does not necessarily make things better.

Thank you all…

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In this case, really have a look at http://paddle.com.
They do not have monthly costs. Yes, they have a higher fee like PayPal, but take over invoicing and VAT handling.
You are of course able to sell your eBooks there also.

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I don’t think we’re looking at the same figures.

Amazon S3 has no fixed costs, as it adopts a pay-per-use model.

Few requests and low traffic as in your website will result in a monthly cost in the range of $ 0.10-0.20 after the first 12 months, which are free.