E-commerce store that does not charge a monthly fee

Greetings I currently am running on El Capitan with RW6 and the Hive theme ( https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/themes/hive ) and my e-commerce store is PayLoom. I do not uses any stacks on my site ( peafowl.com )

I am planning on buying a new computer to run OS Catalina. I plan on upgrading to RW8 and I was told by the Hive theme developer that this theme will work in OS Catalina and in RW8. My problem is that my e-commerce store that I use called PayLoom ( https://yabdab.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200317748-Payloom ) is no longer supported in OS Catalina and RW8 and no longer being sold.

If you’re not familiar with the e-commerce store called Payloom, it does not require a subscription to host your digital downloads somewhere else. It host all my digital downloads within the program and I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to have my digital download store somewhere else.

I can go months without selling a single thing on my website and I can’t justify paying any fees.

So the question, are there any plug-in/addons to be used with my theme Hive and RW8 for my e-commerce store that does not require a monthly fee and works much the same as my current program does called Payloom. I do not use stacks in my current webpage and not familiar with it at all. It was new when I started using my Hive theme several years ago.

I hope if there is such an e-commerce store that doesn’t charge a subscription fee for digital downloads I can use. I would appreciate if someone could give me the link to that e-commerce plug-in to use and purchased. Thank you very much.

Look at Rapidcart Pro. I think you will need the “Advanced” version for digital downloads. As I recall you need and Amazon S3 account for digital downloads. It is also an RW plugin like Payloom. It has been updated for Catalina.



Thanks Dave, unfortunately I do think they (Rapidcart and Amazon S3) charge a monthly fee. Along time ago I looked at Amazon S3 and it cost something per mont if I recall right. That’s out of the question. We just don’t make enough sales to justify paying a monthly fee.

So my question is, isn’t there something like PayLoom that will work in RW8 for e-commerce without charging a monthly fee like PayLoom did.

If not I think there is room out there for someone to create a program such as I’m wanting. There’s a lot of people who don’t want to pay that monthly fee. They want to have a e-commerce store without any strings attached monthly. Paying a monthly fee seems to be thing all around the world in the last several years. That’s not for me.

I just did a search on Amazon S3 and my memory was correct from years ago. The reason I chose not to use it was they charged in my opinion an excessive amount of money to use band with to sell your digital downloads. They should do like Apple does charge 30% when you sell something and not until you sell something. So that’s Amazon 3 out for me. So I need another option.

There is definitely no monthly charge with Rapidcart Pro. I’ve been using it for years, but not for digital downloads.

See these posts:

Maybe you can contact @gibo about potential Amazon S3 costs.

I don’t recall any RW developers posting in the last years about forthcoming products comparable to RCP Pro or Payloom, so that might be a long or indefinite wait.

You’re so very kind to take your valuable time in helping me try to solve this problem.

I am not going to pay Amazon S3 even $.10 $.20 a month or anyone, It just doesn’t make financial sense for me.

I must be living in a fantasy world because I want a program that works in RW8 like Payloom did which allows you to keep your own files on your own computer and not incur monthly charges of any amount.

I’ve got two challenges 1. why can’t somebody make a program like PayLoom for today’s RW8? 2. Or for the RW Computer guru out there looking for a challenge, how can I make my Payloom which works in RW6 Work in RW8?

You being the only kind person to write makes me think either no one is reading these posts but you and me or there is no program on the market today that does the same thing as I want as PayLoom does or they’ll never be a program ever again for RW8 to do as Payloom use to do.

I’m such a dreamer shame on me!

Amazon S3 does not charge a monthly fee. I have been using it for a couple of years.

Rapidcart Pro has good documentation and doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

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Hi @DMFETT, I’m Rob of Foreground, developer of RapidCart Pro, and I confirm that RapidCart Pro is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. If you want to sell digital goods with automatic delivery you need to add Amazon S3 service that requires a really small per-download fee.

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Hmmm… What can I say except…



Back to my original question, is there any other e-commerce store that I can put on RW8 that works like Payloom?

If not can anybody help me fix my Payloom to work in RW8? Will it work in RW8?

I really didn’t get a definitive answer on how Amazon S3 works. It appears that it doesn’t cost you any money but it does cost you some money. Here’s what I found. 11%20AM

I’m still very confused on this whole matter with Amazon S3. Sorry to be such a pain in the gluteus maximus on this. I’m sure once I understand it I could actually explain it simpler than it has been explained to me.

Estimated monthly bill for 100 GB transferred in 1,000 downloads: $2.18

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If I use Amazon S3 I only have 4 e-books at this time…do I have to calculate how many megabytes each book takes up? Is that how you all do it…

Do you transfer it by way of the program within rapidcart?

I guess there is only east and west on region…I live in the midwest…no idea on what to put in the data transfer areas?

Do you have to pay for uploading when you first set it up?

So once all download files are in place in Amazon S3…if I do not sell anything in any given month I do not get charges?

Will Rapidcart lead me on to how to set this up?

Does Rapidcart have any videos on this process.

I’m afraid this is going to be a complicated issue…maybe I’m wrong …if it is very simple that would be wonderful.


Thank You

I will study the link/documentation files that you sent me. I assume you’re the developer of RapidCart and I appreciate that if you are…if you are not I appreciate your help in any case.

I may have more questions as I study everything. I am about two months to three months before buying my new computer and want to have everything in place and understand everything before I make the move. The good news is my web page will be up until I can get the new one up and running with the new store. If it works out good I’ll be the first person to touted and tell the whole world how wonderful it is. And I’m hoping everybody is right about it.

As you might recall earlier in this thread, I’m using Hive theme and I do not use of have stacks.

Can I use Rapidcart without stacks in my Hive theme in RW8?

Do I have to have stacks in order to use RapidCart with RW8?

See the post above in this thread, it should answer your question…


Please forgive me for not being a smart as you guys. I still didn’t see when I reread what you said where is says if I need stacks or not.

I understand about the Amazon S3 and RapidCart now.

It isn’t about being smart or not. In the post by @thang they said:

Meaning that since it is a plugin, like Payloom that you’ve previously used without Stacks, that RapidCart will work without the need of the Stacks plugin.

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Thank you!

Mal’s is free https://www.mals-e.com/ Even the premium version is only $8 a month.
The interface is a bit old fashioned but It’s very easy to set up and secure.

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