RapidCart Pro issues

I sell digital downloads using RCPro. So far, it’s been great on RW7.
Sometimes I need to manually send a (encrypted) link using the “manual send digital delivery” option from the RCPro interface on RW.

Recently, it stopped working. I get the following message.

Error: Missing auth code.

I double checked Amazon S3 storage, it is all fine. I don’t know what to do. any advice?

Yes, all is updated: RCPro and RW7.

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Thanks for asking this question. I am in the same boat looking for a solution to Rapidcart Pro Error: Missing auth code.

Cartloom can send encoded and expiring download links using AWS S3.

I am not aware of any “auth code” requirement for said feature?

It must be something specific with RCP?

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Hey Can B, Were you able to solve this issue with missing Auth code in RapidCart pro? I have the same issue. Thanks.

Definitely it is, as reported by OP.
Very kind of you offering your help.

@canbaskent @Dsal22 We are looking into it.


@canbaskent @Dsal22

Please drop an email to help@4gnd.com sharing your RW projects. We do not usually provide support thru this forum.

@Dsal22’s issue was related to an incorrect custom Website Address set in a specific Publish destination (in RapidWeaver Publishing options pane).

@canbaskent double check you’re using the right Web Address (including https:// protocol, if applicable) both in General and Publishing options panes.


Hey Gilbo, I really appreciate you tracking this down, so simple in hindsight. I love using RCP and am very happy with the support from the manual and from you and your team on those occasions I need it.

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