XML Issue Amazon S3 and Rapidcart Pro

Again I find myself coming to the wealth of knowledge here. I’ve implemented digital downloads on a shop using RCPro. Everything works to the point at which the user is presented with their unique download link. Then clicking on it resolves to an XML error. Looking it up on S3 suggests 101 things! Asking the folks from Rapidcart has again been met with no response!

Heres the error:

InvalidRequest The authorization mechanism you have provided is not supported. Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256. 66CD5AC5E9913792 F4027WgiW0fSh/vQCzA+fKHuJLzM8LFX6L1pHl4NLHv1N6nop9k/oRGCRTQotwHiigkN2h5hzQY=

Any comments, suggestions or solutions would be met with rapturous applause and undying gratitude!

S3 requires the use of “access keys”. I use s3 extensively for downloads but I also use linklokurl and the access to s3 is handled within their php when creating the dynamic link so I don’t have any experience first hand. But I suspect you need to learn how to embed the “Access key” into the cart download link. That should be explained in the S3 docs someplace.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

If you didn’t see it this page may be a good place to start:
See the paragraph under "Keys"

@rob ?
Are you able to give some guidance?

Please change Amazon S3 bucket location to a region supporting signature version 2.
It will fix the problem.


Thank you Roberto.

Your advice was correct, and thank you for replying.