RapidProject6 now available

Project 6 is now available at RapidWeaver SOURCE Projects Foundation Templates Foundry Templates

Present your portfolio or services in a beautiful presentation that scales as you add more clients or services. The images link to a Client page that is ideal to be duplicated and use as a base for each client by editing and adding the images specific to each client. In addition is a News (blog) styled to match the rest of the site already setup to use PulseCMS but easy to adapt to any other blog.

See the live demo at Webdeersign RapidProject 6

Stacks3 and Foundation stacks required.

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Free Virtual T-Shirt with Project 6. Available in all sizes from pixels, EM and 100% so that it adjusts itself to your size no matter what device you are viewed in.

Project updated to include T Shirt.


Project6 has just had an update to include 5 new animations on the Client1 page following several requests.