Shopify how to embed into RW site?

Hi all,

We want to embed the Shopify storefront into an existing website (well it will be a new website we are currently doing) but I’d like to have the Shopify store within our website rather than customers bouncing out of our website and into the Shopify theme site.

Wondering if anybody is using Shopify within their RW site?

Is it possible to embed Shopify html code into a html stack? I have used this for other websites using 3rd party platforms such as Calendly, Ecwid, HotDocs and it works extremely well.

But I’m not sure how to obtain the html code for our Shopify storefront?
I have asked this question on the Shopify forum but it seems Rapidweaver is not something many people on Shopify are familiar with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Scott

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Hi Scott,
Thanks, that is a help.
Have you used Shopify embedded in RW and if so do you have link to site so I can see it in action please?
Cheers Scott

We’ve done several with Shopify. Here’s one:

You can even lower the plan down to Shopify Lite for $9/month if you want.

Click the “Buy Button” in the Sales Channel (left hand dashboard). Follow the steps, and customize the button/cart, click “NEXT” in the upper right hand corner. Then copy the code and drop it into an html stack in your html stack.

Shopify forum sucks, you’ll get better answers here.


Great thanks Eric,
Yes, nothing like the great helpful attitude of the RW community.
Have a great day.
Cheers Scott

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