RapidWeaver 4, is it worth buying?

(vivian escalante) #1

Hello Folks,
I have HTML background and have been using DreamWeaver, and am now moving to RapidWeaver.
I’m wondering if it’s even worth the effort of purchasing RapidWeaver 4, and if stacks are even available for 4, or should I just go and purchase 7, which I’ve heard, has several hurdles.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Not sure why you would want to? The only version that is supported is RW7. Even 6 has trouble with High Sierra. You can download a trial version of 7 to tryout for free.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

As @teefers mentioned, this makes little sense. I’m not sure what you mean by RW7 has several hurdles. Each succesive version of RW has gotten better and better.

… some folks have had a few troubles going from RW4 or 5 to RW 7. But that essentially means they have not upgraded for years and web “things” change in the meantime. As a new user, however, you don’t face any potential probelms of transitioning from an earlier to a later version.

The only thing I would suggest is contacting RealMac directly about pricing. We know RapidWeaver 8 will be coming out soon-ish. Probably sometime in 2018, perhaps fairly soon (2-3 months). You might want to see if you are purchasing at a time where you will get a free upgrade from 7 to 8.

(Tapio Laakkonen) #4

I jumped in at RW7 and don’t regret it. :slight_smile: Both @teefers and @Mathew had good points.

(vivian escalante) #5

Will do.

Thank you.

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