Upgrade from 4.4.2 to 7 - issues? Possible to migrate?

I am currently using Rapidweaver 4.4.2 with RapidAlbum, RapidCart, Stacks and Blocks. I am considering updating my software to El Capitan but don’t know what will happen with my sites already created with rapid weaver 4.4.2. I know I will have to upgrade to Rapidweaver 7. By doing this, will it completely break my sites? I really don’t want to have to recreate them but am concerned that by doing the upgrade, none of the pages will work. Any suggestions or knowledge on this? Is migration possible?


In theory it is possible to follow a migration path from RW 5, to 6 , to 7. But from 4, via 5 and 6 to 7 will - however easy it is supposed to be - require a lot of work on your part. Unless you have no add ons and very little other customization.

If I may offer advice, I’d strongly suggest that you grasp the nettle and do the work. RW 4 really is very old and lacks many features which 7 has, and which make using 7 a very positive experience.

Good luck!


Hi Joe,

Thanks for asking this question. I have the exact same issue. Before I take the upgrade walk alone. Can you provide any tips that may help me. Especially the order in which you did it.



Might want to start here:

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