Clarification on RW6.3.7

Hi, Newbie again.
After the trial demo I went ahead and purchased RW. I noticed that the download was 6.3.6 and I was asked did I want to upgrade to 6.3.7. Is this because 6.3.7 is a Beta version ? If so am I better staying with 6.3.6 until ‘the air clears’ a bit ?
I notice several threads commenting on the upgrade and compatability issues. To clarify, do projects created in 6.3.7, have the same issues as those created in 6.3.6 and then moved across?


Welcome to RapidWeaver!

6.3.7 is not a beta. It’s a stable release. If you were happy - as most people have been - with 6.3.6, then, Yes, you should upgrade to 6.3.7. Good luck!

RapidWeaver 6.3.7 is a free update to RapidWeaver 6.3.6. The changes are of a minor nature, and just part of our desire to continually improve RapidWeaver.


Thanks for that guys - better update tonight then.