Rapidweaver 6 previews keep refreshing every second

Rapidweaver 6 keeps refreshing every second when on the preview page, and it does not allow to scroll down.

Is there a fix for this?

I have purchased Rapidweaver 7 and unfortunately, I don’t like it as I cannot find font editing, and it is frustrating the daylights out of me…

Thank you in advance.


There’s a similar thread here.

Quite a few people have said that RW6 and High Sierra don’t work well together, and RW7 is the only version that is officially High Sierra compatible.

If you’re not on High Sierra, I’m not sure what the issue could be.

I am on High Sierra. I just wish RW7 had the same flexibility as the 6 did…

I’m not aware of anything RW6 can do that RW7 can not. Usually, software evolves according to new demands from users and new emerging technologies – both computer-related and web-related. In the world of software nothing stays the same for a long time.

To get the most from our software, one must keep updating and learning new tricks.

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I don’t do this but if you provide a little more specifics around this, I imagine someone could help you out. The backup feature alone is one good reason to forge ahead with RW 7, in my opinion (beyond High Sierra compatibility, of course)

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I attached a screenshot of RW6 which allows you to change font size, make letters bold, italic and underline. If RW7 can allow this, then I will be happy…

I am not at my RW computer so I’m just grabbing a screenshot from the web, but the text styling is in a toolbar along the bottom.

How can you activate that? I tried searching and had no success…

How wide is your screen? If it’s not wide enough, then the formatting area collapses to only show Style and Alignment. If you make the RW window wider or close the inspector panel, you should see the full formatting features as seen in the move screenshot.

If you select/highlight the text first, then the options at the bottom activate. I’m on RW7 and that’s how it works for me.

I have 2 x 27" screens, so that should be ok.

Thank you all so far. the provided help is reducing my regrets buying the RW7 bundle…

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