Need help transitioning to RW 7

Hi all! I am a longtime Rapidweaver user. For the past few years I’ve been using RW5 to update my websites. I recently purchased a new Macbook, and with it, I decided it was time to upgrade to RW7. Unfortunately, I’m finding the transition a bit tougher than I anticipated.

First, when I open my website file, I get a popup that my theme “Simplify copy” is missing. The theme I use is called Simplify by Weaverthemes. I assume that, when I created the website on my old computer, I made a copy of the theme that I edited to my specifications. However, I’m not sure how to get this to my new computer (I’ve tried searching my old Macbook for “Simplify copy” and no files are found). I have tried downloading a new copy of Simplify and choosing it as the theme, but my website looks like an absolute MESS, nothing like the site I worked so hard to build. I assume this is because of changes made to the copy of the theme, that are no longer represented when I revert to the original version.

Second, I get a popup saying “unable to load all pages” because of these missing plugins: Sitemap Plus, PlusKit, ContentPager. I have downloaded and installed PlusKit 3-4 different times, but it doesn’t seem to “stick” and I get this error message no matter how many times I restart Rapidweaver and/or my computer. For Sitemap Plus and ContentPager, I can’t seem to find recent updates for either of these, and the old RW 5 versions won’t open in RW7.

Since I can’t seem to transition my sites to RW7 without a lot more work than I anticipated, I downloaded RW5 to my new computer and thought I’d just use that instead, at least for the time being. But apparently RapidCart (which is utilized in my sites) is no longer supported on RW5?? So I’m stuck. Can’t use RW7, AND can’t use RW5 on my new machine. What to do?

For now I’m making updates using my old computer, but I have some travel coming up and obviously can’t take two laptops with me, so I do need to figure out a way to make updates on my new machine. For reference, I’m using a 2016 Macbook, if that’s helpful.

Any advice would be VERY much appreciated!

Use your new mac with RW7 and get all your plugins, stacks afresh/updated from the developers then transfer your project file.
But Iam not sure if RW7will upgrade your site from RW5.
It will from RW6 toRW7