RapidWeaver 7.2 - files disappearing

A small mystery, I’m using…

  • ISP Bravehost.com - used for over 10 years - no problems in that time
  • RapidWeaver 7.2 [18430b]
  • HV-Stalker Wide theme - have been using it for some years - never had a problem
  • Stacks 3.2.6
    …suddenly the contents of some SideBars are disappearing. Checking online shows that the ‘Files’ folder for the ‘problem’ page is completely empty. When I ‘correct’ the problem and re-upload the project the files reappear in the correct position but randomly, after a day or so, the disappear.
    Not sure where to start so I’m starting here in case anyone has noticed the same problem.
    In the same vein I have had portions of Kuler Edits spaces exhibit the same problem over the last week or so but now it seems to be migrating to the SideBars on a number of pages - not every page, just some.
    I suspect that the answer may not be obvious or easy but have to start somewhere.

There are several threads here on the forum that describe that problem. There is currently a beta available that I BELIEVE (not sure) fixes the problem. I hope you had backups of your projects. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response - yes I did have full backups and was able to recover within a couple of hours of becoming aware off the problem[s] - it’s meant checking 50 or so pages on a regular basis and having eagle eyed visitors. Would love to know more about a [possible] beta.

Main prefs at: Rapidweaver (menu bar) > Updates > Check for Beta Updates

As it says on the panel… Backups… backups… backups…