RapidWeaver 7.3 (18575b) Public Beta 3 - Is it ready?

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Hey Weavers,

We’ve got a fresh new build for you. If you’re running public beta 1 or 2, this is an essential update.

This will probably be the last beta for this round before we declare 7.3 ready for general release.

Here’s a list of what’s new in 7.3:

  • Added a site-wide search feature. This will get even better when plugin develops update their plugins to take full advantage of it!
  • Added support for theme updates, developers will first need to update their themes to take advantage of this
  • Fixed an issue where canceling during export/publish means that future publishes wouldn’t work
  • Header & Footer text in the sitemap plugin are now saved correctly
  • Fixed a crash when users would try to replace resources with a page
  • RW no longer crashes on save when the offsite page URL is left empty
  • Fixed an issue where ethe addons installer window could not be closed
  • URL for help in publishing now resolves correctly
  • Added a new %page_path% macro. This will return the path to the current page
  • RapidWeaver no longer beachballs when installing lots of themes
  • We now allow plugins to pass requirements to RW via the update URL (important for compatibility)
  • Added a URL scheme for automatically registering RapidWeaver

Download RapidWeaver 7.3 (18575b) Public Beta 3:

Happy Weaving!

Dan & Team Realmac

RWThemeKit % Code For Page URL
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FYI: If all goes to plan RapidWeaver 7.3 will be officially released sometime next week.

Happy Weaving!

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