RapidWeaver 7.4 (18663b) Beta [UPDATE 11th April]

Dan: surprisingly I also got some of these “couldn’t sign in to your FTP server” messages with this beta. I don’t think it happens on all project files, but certainly on some. Unfortunately I’m in an intense time at work and simply had to go back to 7.3.3 as I didn’t have the time to test out things and find out if there were predictable conditions under which this happened. But it didn’t happen when I first tried the beta with 1, maybe 2, products. Weird.

@Printdevil @Mathew can you click on the blue “i” button on the right hand side of that window? You should be shown an error message - can you post it here please?

Also, what connection type are you using? FTP? FTPS? SFTP? Which mode? Passive? Extended Passive? Active?


@simon Okay, I just tested again and 3 different sites are publishing fine for right now. I may have run into the problem only on my office computer. I probably. won’t be able to test on that computer for a day or so.

However, I know that all the sites I’m doing are using FTP and extended passive.

I’ll try to add more info once I can find the time.

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I was not able to exactly duplicate the problem on my office mac (iMac 27) but I did run into some weird issues that may be related. You can see the screencast with this private link:

Note: I’ve taken out the video since it auto-starts. Also irrelevant given latest post (scroll down) that I made

I mention in the video that I could not find the blue button, but when I re-read your response to David I understand why I wasn’t seeing it. So that’s not an issue. I hope this helps a little bit.

OK this problem is still persisting in v7.4 latest beta and each time it crashes I have to force quit RapidWeaver to escape. Here are my FTP settings…

Mathew, the blue ‘i’ button Simon was referring to is in the Publishing Panel when there is an error, clicking on this ‘i’ button reveals the source of the error…

You can see it says “Access denied to remote resource” but I know I have access to my server as I’m able to login through my FTP apps.

Going back to v7.3.3 seems to fix the error and I’ll have to do that if I want to publish directly from RapidWeaver otherwise I can export and upload manually.

Simon, what do you think the problem could be?

The only frustration I have with this is that RapidWeaver doesn’t allow me to escape from the error upload panel without force quitting, hopefully you’ll be able to make the “Cancel Publishing” button active so that if this problem occurs again I can return back to my project file without worry.


Same here. I start to publish, the first files go through, then I am confronted with the same error - and no way to either cancel or click DONE.

Thank you


Looks like this issue could be affecting a few RapidWeaver users.
Any news from the Realmac team on what this could be?

Okay, I could not duplicate the problem yesterday but now I can. So I installed 7.4 and day 1 it worked fine. Day 2 it seems to act up. I will add some screenshots below. One possible note: When publishing using a website without Waterfall all seemed to work fall. A website with the Waterfall plugin seemed to not work. And now a second website without Waterfall has published. Maybe related?

Does anyone else have @Mathew’s video auto start when the click on this thread?? Any way you can stop that??

Yes, it auto-starts for me but I don’t know why that happens. I deleted it above as it’s now “old news”.

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Thanks, thought I was missing some preference or something. Scared the crap out of the wife as she had the volume on the computer turned really loud as a video she was watching was really soft. I then came in here while she was getting ready to work and BOOM video started.


Thanks for the tip. Next time I post a video I’ll start off with: “Robert, congrats on that new Porsche you bought with that new second mortgage. When are you going to tell your wife? Or is it still a secret?” That will do more than “scare”. :slight_smile:

There must be some way to embed a video without auto-start. I just used the direct link. Perhaps using a proper embed code would avoid the auto-start problem.

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Same problem. How do I roll back to 7.3.3
I didn’t realize 7.4 was beta software

And now even though the web host claims that there are no issues, I am having “cannot upload files” on 7.3 as well. Sigh.

You can download previous versions here…

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Just got a response from RW Support along the lines of “haha, it’s beta software”–I didn’t know it was beta software–and scolding me for not seeing a green “feedback” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Newsflash guys: there was no such button. Of course, you prevented me from pointing this out, so I’ll point it out here.

I should be happy you’re not a United Airlines contractor.

Hi Michael, I am sorry to hear the answer to your support request. However, the only way to use version 7.4 is to either enable BETA updates from your stable 7.3.x version or to download it from the forum - clearly marked with BETA as well. I just checked and the green button is there all the time:

As I had the same error, I switched back to 7.3.x and this version gives me no trouble. Can you check to see if you can change the publishing method from PASSIVE to EXTENDED PASSIVE or vice versa? It helped me one time.

Best regards


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Hi, I have just been using the beta version for the first time … initially it seemed to be publishing quite fine, then I added a new page and then I see the error you are getting. Deleting the new page seemed to fix the error!

Then I tried a different project and that gives the error from the get go … strange!

Any news from RW on potential fixes?

I haven’t heard anything from RM. It seems this bug is trickier to identify the cause since there seem to be a few different things that can initiate it.

It must be the code behind those pesky Pinned Tab icons?