💯 RapidWeaver 7.4.1 (18692b) Beta

Today we have a brand new beta for you, this carries on our relentless work of making sure FTP works for everyone.

We recommend everyone should be using this latest beta.

What’s New?

  • Improve publishing reliability
  • Added an option to just check for addon updates
  • A few minor bug fixes

You can download RapidWeaver 7.4.1 Build 18692b here!

FYI: The new menu item checks for themes and add-on updates. The menu item is currently marked as “Check for Plugin Updates…”. The next build will be changed to “Check for Addon Updates…”

Please let us know how you get on with this build.

Happy Weaving!


Hi There,

I still have problems with the layout of my site www.pollennieuws.nl. I doesn’t look well. I don’t see my menu’s. I have a two column design but I don’t have it on my website.

The problem is online and in preview mode.

Please fix this as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

@Novioplan it looks like there’s a javascript issue when trying to asynchronously load some of your page’s stylesheets. It looks to be inside Stacks code, so I’d get in touch with the YourHead team about it. They’re very helpful.

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The new beta does not work for me.

FYI, Last week I send a lot of screeshoots and explanations directely to «DAN» (he ask me to send him to his email address) and I did not have news from him for more than a week.

Maybe those information could help you.

Thank you,

Hi @Fitz. We’ve been testing with your projects and server extensively - thank you so much for sending them over.

Can you try changing your FTP mode and see if that helps? I understand you’ve done that in previous builds, but could you try again using the latest build?

Not a big deal, but I don’t see the new ‘update’ option.

Hold the Option key - it’s an alternative update method

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Hi Simon,

Same thing as the previous version. I can publish just ONCE (on PASSIVE and EXTENDED PASSIVE), if i try another time without closing my RW file (no need to close the app) does not work and I receive an error message. Does not work on ACTIVE mode, it satart and stopn at one point.(see pdf)

But like as said to DAN it is not only a FTP problem I presume, I can PREVIEW just once to if i try another time without closing my RW file does not work and I receive an error message. (see pdf)

I can’t EXPORT at all I always receive an error mesage (see pdf)

Each time RW program SAVE or I publish my project it create a folder at the same level as my RW project file (see pdf) and I attch the created folder too.

Hope you will find a solution soon, thank you!

PDF and Files: https://we.tl/wHIB04KLA5

Hi @Fitz,

Good news (I guess): it looks like your publishing issues are fixed. However, it appears you’re still seeing two issues when exporting, and one issue when saving.

One of the export issues is related to the “Preview after publishing” feature. We’ll get that fixed up for the next release. If you don’t want to see it in the meantime, you can turn off that feature in RapidWeaver -> Preferences -> Publishing.

The other export issue might be related to Stacks, but I’m going to spend some more time looking into it.

The last issue (the extra folder being created) is an odd one. I’ll keep you updated on that.




Still crashing with new beta. Have not been able to publish my site since moving to RW7. The Paramount theme has been tested by Michael David Designs and works with 7. My FTP tests fine. Starts to export and crashes.

Please email support@realmacsoftware.com after looking here:

and give us (there) as much info as you can so we can get you back up and running as quick as possible.


Thank you! Working on it shortly!

Sent info and file 4 days ago. Any luck?
If not, I would really like a refund and will go back to using RW6.
Thank you.

Hi Wendy,

It looks like it could be a PlusKit issue, can you try removing it and see if that helps.


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Dan, Please return the properties of the program not to save the project automatically when you export the site or publish it on the server. Sometimes you just need to load it for verification, and the program immediately automatically saves everything, it’s not right.


@dan I am still unable to publish my website using Rapidweaver. This has been going on for ages now ever since the release of 7.4.1 - is there any chance of a fix?

Yes! Needed to update Pluskit! Thanks so much. Duh. Nothing came up as needing to be updated. Should have thought to check that one. Thanks Dan and Brian!

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7.4.1 now working for me…at least this time fingers crossed.

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@dan I am now using 7.4.1 (18708) and still cannot publish successfully. Small pages seem fine most of the time, but anything large fails after a couple of hundred files. No amount of changing publishing settings helps. I am literally tearing my hair our with this!! Could you please FIX this!

Ya, cant publish either.