UPDATE: RapidWeaver 7.3.1 (18606b) Public Beta 4 UPDATED

Hey Guys,

Here’s the first beta of RapidWeaver 7.3.1 (18595b), we’ve added some “experimental” SVG support, depending on the theme you’re using your milage may vary. If you spot any issues with SVG please let us and the theme developer know.

What’s new in RapidWeaver 7.3.118595b:

  • Added SVG support for Site Logo, Banners and Styled Text View
  • Added an option to remove the “Reset” button in the Contact Form plugin
  • Health Check can now check for broken resource links and empty external links
  • Internal changes and other minor bug fixes

Please remember to make backup copies of your projects before using this beta.

RapidWeaver 7.3.1 (18606b) Public Beta 4 is now available:

Happy Weaving!



Whilst not a beta tester I will use this opportunity to say that the current version I’m using 7.3 has proven to be rock solid, responsive (in a nimble way), and a pleasure to use.
I say this because I realise I’m getting to be a moaner with age so time to give some credit where it’s due.

I’ll even add that I found last week’s podcast really quite enjoyable.
A good mix of RW news plus some interesting (and enlightening) ‘chat’ on Macs and mice. All of interest to most people likely to listen. Huge improvement (for me anyway).



Crashes on preview and publishing.

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Crashes on preview and publishing here as well

crashes when I publish and the published page includes sub-pages

in fact … just crashes

Was very excited to see SVG is finally supported as a logo type. But, after crashing on publish a few times, I gave up and reinstalled the previous version via TimeMachine.

It crashes on every preview. Wouldn’t call this an alpha version never mind a beta. Reinstalling the old copy.

Crashes every single time I try to publish. 7.3 was rock solid, this isn’t.

Yup, we’re looking into this now (remember this is a beta). Hopefully beta 2 will have this resolved :slight_smile:


How does one go back to the stable version? This one is completely unusable.

Download it here. I always rename a beta before dropping it into the Applications folder. That way you always have the previous version if it all goes belly up like this beta version has.


Hey @dan,
as you are currently working on 7.3 I’ve got a little feature request => marking single resources as changed.


Okay, new beta is out that should fix the crashing issues: https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/18598b/1489485846/RapidWeaver-18598b.zip

Sorry about that - Happy Weaving!


Sorry, Beta 2 crashes for me at the end of the publish process. Says "Publishing Complete’ and idle, but no ‘Done’ box and RW is unresponsive requiring a ‘Force Quit’ This is doing a ‘Republish all files’ to a local folder.

Version 7.3.1 (18598b)

Just tried the same project again with Version 7.3 (18575) and local publish is fine.

Are you sure it’s crashing/hanging and not showing an alert?

The clue here is as I said ‘Unresponsive and requiring a Force Quit’

I’ll do a screencast if you like.

Here we go. RW Version 7.3.1 (18598b) republish all files to a local directory.

RW isn’t showing as ‘Not Responding’ in the force quit window, but without being able to get rid of the publishing window, there isn’t much else you can do!


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Thanks, that’s useful. Could you click Send Report please?

I suspect that you’ve probably got multiple files named “index” in your root directory - is that correct?