Rapidweaver 7 addons

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Last week I’ve changed to RW 7 and from my recent update experiences inside RW (I am using RW since version 3) I was prepared to run into some issues. Anyway, the new features, the positive feedback and of course my curiosity forced me to update in a early stage again. I must say, there a lots of great improvements and functions which work already well in RW 7. Other then some occasional crashes I have to complain about one major issue: When I move my RW addons to Dropbox or the Creative Cloud, all my stacks and themes aren’t available after restart. I was forced to go back to “managed by RW”. After restating RW 7 all my themes and stacks were back but not being able to manage them from an external folder is taking away one of the big drawing cards to update from RW 6 to RW 7. Is anyone able to give me a suggestion how I can fix this, as I would really like to manage my RW addons in an external folder which allows be to have them synced between multiple Macs.

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@JGWeiland I upgraded to RW7 yesterday and when it started the RW6 add-ons it ate up all my remaining space on my start up drive… said I didn’t have room to add WeaverPix. I had to uninstall RW7 and gained a little over 30 GB. Do you have issues with space?

Sorry to hear about that. I don’t have any issues with space and I have no real clew why the update is eating up your hard drive space. I only realised that inside my RW addons there are also images and thumbnails from old image galleries. Stuff I really don’t need and use since a long time. After deleting this I could reduce the addons file. Are there lots of images inside your RW addons. They could perhaps block lots of space.

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I am storing my add ons on dropbox. I have been using Realmac software since before rapid weaver . I have a few add ons to say the least. I did do a clean up of some that I never use as I have many that are basically duplicates. my Addons world is 995 MB. And Rapidweaver is 121 MB. I can’t see where this would hit 3GB unless you have a massive amount of Themes.

I am going to get rid of some themes though. many of the old ones are there but I know I hate them and will never use them .

Thanks for your estimation regarding the space issues.

Just to clarify my problem, which I am not sure if it is a bug inside RW 7 or not:

I followed exactly Dan’s introduction videos (overall a fantastic knowledge base, thanks for that Dan).

  • I went to RW Preferences, selected “Addons”, ticked to “other”, created and located a new Dropbox folder, moved everything there.
  • Revealed my themes and stacks in Finder, everything is where it should be.
  • Restarted RW 7, opened a project, opened my stacks library and…only the default stacks appear, not one single 3rd party stack!!!

What could be wrong, is this a bug in RW 7 Dan?

Thanks for letting me know.


I could solve my problem after updating Stacks to Version 3.1.0
Works like expected!

Thanks everybody


very strange. I originally did this with the initial Beta and it worked great