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Hi, I am having a problem with RW7 add-ons on my Macbook Pro, when installing it eats up my gigabytes and then says there’s not enough room to install WeaverPix. I have freed up tons of space and when installing the add-ons again I can watch the gigabytes fly by from CleanMyMac 3 and now I have no storage on my hard drive. Please help, I can’t even us my email on my laptop. Had to login as guest user. I just had to uninstall RapidWeaver 7, I gained over 30 GB. What causes it to use that much space? I am using MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 201) Memory 8 GB OS X El Capitan 10.11.5.

Hmm do a health check on your drive for bad sectors. I dont use weaver pix but doubt it takes up much space

I did that, I used the utility disk and everything looked great. But had absolutely no room on my hard drive so I had to delete RapidWeaver 7 and I got 30 GB back. Something is weird with that. Disappointed.

really that much space for RW7 somethings is really odd

Yes it is odd, need to contact them directly somehow.

While on vacation I downloaded RW7, it took up too much space on my MacBook Pro & I ran out of start up disk space, it wouldn’t take my add-ons. Frustrated, I deleted all of the files. Now that I am home I want to re-install it on my iMac, hopefully it’ll work on it with all my add-ons. Problem is, I don’t have my authentication code for it. I looked everywhere on my laptops emails… nothing. However, I paid for it through PayPal, I have that. I emailed a team member earlier today and haven’t heard anything back yet. I really want to get this up and running before I leave again, I have a new client and want to use some of the features. However, I am thinking there have been so many issues with this version, maybe I should wait until all the bugs are out and try to get a refund. Suggestions? Thanks!

When you say you emailed a team member, do you mean Realmac or PayPal? This link says to send Realmac an email to retrieve your code.

Otherwise, you can check for a Paddle email in your inbox.

I would like to be fair about issues on this forum there are not that many. First there a lot of posts from people restating other peoples issues. example FTP is one another is not understanding how this add ons folder is carried forward. Many of the fold I have volunteered to help are posting things that have been answered in the videos that Realmac have posted.

I think if you started reading through a lot of the issues you will find a lot of the issues in this forum are related so you only actually have a couple of real issues that are being repeated. Many of which are in the videos on how to work with the new app

I did check Paddle email, I must have deleted it. Realmac fixed it. Thanks!

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the one thing that stood out to me was the Cleanmymac program your using. Look at the reviews on it through out the apple forums etc. it is a resource hog and corrupts the OS. I know from personal experience. I suggest getting rid of that and limiting what you install.


Get AppZapper cheap does what you need. For the love of god dont install mackeeper will trash your mac. Cleanmymac is also dangerous.