Add-on folder location change error RW7

Hi. I have moved my addons to a dropbox folder - so it can be used on my two macs. When i restart RW7 the project does not find them anymore. In the addon manager I get blue boxes where my themes were and on the site the stacks i had no longer work…HELP! ( If i switch it back it all works fine - but I would really like this portability) Thanks

check rapid weaver preferences make sure its pointing the add ons folder in the dropbox. believe me this works and is brilliant keeping things updated

Done. No change in behavior.

hmm are all the files in the folder itself

does not work for me either - very frustrating as this is the main reason why i bought it!..the folder looks exactly the same as the former location. Clearly RW7 copies it over fine… but something is not connected.

I am having the same problem. I moved my addons to a dropbox folder and the addons then can’t be found–RW 7 opens projects with just a few basic addons. I had to go back to having addons on the local machine. What is going on? Thanks.

Exactly the same problem for me. Would be great if this could be fixed. Yesterday I’ve opened a new post regarding the same issue as I haven’t seen this one here. No solution so far.

SOLVED! sort of
I “spoke” to realmac and they asked me to update the main stacks plugin by you head to Version 3.1 (mine was 3.0 and did not seem to want to update itself automatically. I had to download the latest version and install.

The stacks are now working and everything looks fine - yet the addon manager still has outlines for the themes I have purchased? yet it appears those themes must be working because the sites I design with them appear fine. Odd.