RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 3.5 - The Road To Beta

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback on RapidWeaver 7 to date. In case you’ve not yet opted into receive beta updates, here’s the latest build:


  • Portable documents (currently cannot be unpacked, but working on it)
  • Fixes a number of crashes
  • Line numbers in code views.

Give it a spin, let us know how you get on, and if you’ve got something in the pipeline specifically for RapidWeaver 7 let Dan and I know!


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Firing up RW 7 now for an update! :smiley:

So, I just wanted to get the suffix straight. First it was .rapidweaverproject, then I saw .rapidweaver in the change notes & now it’s .rw ? Is that the rw7 project suffix, or is it still undergoing review?

What does “portable documents” mean? What’s changed?

I have a question about the files inside the resources folder when we have a portable document.
(I was not able to try by myself yet).
When there is a text file inside resources area, I was able to change the content of the resources file in finder -> text editor, and RW recognizes the change.
How will be the behavior in RW7 in a portable document? Am I able to change the text file content?

@nikf Is there a special way how to enable portable documents? Or are all documents now portable ?

@instacks You need to enable that per project on the Settings -> Make Document Portable.

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Nice. You are able to edit the text files inside a portable document via Quick Lock -> Open in (you favourite editor)

@nikf Problem: you are able to create a resource file with the same name underneath the same folder.

That’s likely to be the final suffix.

Could I get a more robust report? Not sure I follow this one.

Just add twice a file with the same filename in the same folder. When publishing, the second one will win.

Just prevent having the same file(name) in one resources folder.