Resources Area Files

I’m upgrading from RW7 to RW8. In version 7, I have PDF files in folders in the Resources area. I see there is a Resources area on the top left of version 8, but my files are not in there. I think the files are still available on the website, and I’m thinking it’s because they were uploaded with the version 7. However, I believe I should have them in the Resources area of version 8 because I would like to start using that instead of version 7. There are some folders in the Resources area of version 8 but they are empty. Should I put my PDF files in these folders, and if so, how do I do that?

You should be able to just drag the pdf’s into their respective folders in RW8, assuming that the folders have retained the correct names from your RW7 project. If you don’t have the pdf’s locally I suppose you might need to download them from your site and then add them to the appropriate folder(s).

I used Resources extensively in some RW7 projects and also only somewhat recently converted RW7 projects to RW8 but didn’t encounter a single problem with resources in converting several projects, although I know for some people Resources were and have been problematic.

In the RW7 project General settings did you have the option to “make portable” selected? That copies the resources into the project file. I wonder if that might not help when converting RW7 projects to RW8?


That was helpful information, and I will try what you said to get the files into the correct folders. Thank you!

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