Rapidweaver 7 for $12! .... really!?

It’s on 2 Dollar Tuesday:

I feel a little silly having only just upgraded from RW6 a month or so ago for a higher cost.
You have to beat the average price for the bundle which is just above $12 at the moment.
RW is a high quality product, doesn’t this cheapen the brand?
It’s alongside four other products included in the price.

Don’t worry. It’s not that expensive as you get 10% extra discount and you do always get the other Apps too.

lol I meant it’s far too cheap for RW7; especially as most people pay full price for it.

I never pay full price for it these days. It always comes around on one of these Fifty Apps for $4.99 eventually.

Here are some links pointing to RapidWeaver 6 in a bundle. When the new version is out, it makes sense to sell the old version in a bundle to get update customers hooked up.


It’s Rapidweaver 7 in this particular bundle…
Are you telling me Rapidweaver 8 is released!!!

No not yet, but it is no secret that it is in development.