App Store Pricing Madness

There was some news last week about App store pricing changes in the UK due to the fall in value of the £ against the $, but I didn’t realise it would be such an increase.

Personally, I’m not really affected by the increases. I’ll just not buy some of the apps I don’t really need. But if you’re looking at buying RapidWeaver on the Mac App Store, the price had increased from £79 (I think) to £99. If you buy RW on the RealMac website, the price is $99 which as today’s exchange rate is roughly £78.

So where has Apple found the need to increase the prices from? Is it due to VAT? I don’t know if apps in the U.S. app store have tax added.

Also, I know a few developers in the UK make apps so they might need to check the prices on their websites and change them to the prices that Apple is now charging in the UK app store.

I’m not moaning, just an observation.

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Agreed about the crazy pricing. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Makes no sense that RW is even on the MAS and with only 1 star, it doesn’t look too attractive. A couple of months ago RW7 was in a bundle of 10 Apps for $19.99.

We’ll adjust the pricing on the App Store to try and keep more inline with the direct version.

We’ve also recently added RapidWeaver to Setapp, it’s another great way to get access to RapidWeaver if you can’t afford the upfront cost.

Our goal is to have as many people as possible using RapidWeaver, it’s good for the developer ecosystem, users, and the future of RapidWeaver.