Rapid weaver 7.2 is on the u.s. mac app store for $99

12/28/16 - RW 7.2 IS ON THE U.S. MAC APP STORE - FOR $99!!
I didn’t think that RW would ever appear on the Mac App Store again… IS THIS TRUE??

Just checked. True. ------------------------------ But not listed as an iPad app.

Because it only works on Mac…

Yes, that I know… It’s on the “Mac App Store”… Where it hasn’t been for years.

Correct, It is not a iPad App, there never has been one of those…

I was just commenting that RapidWeaver has returned to the Mac App Store after being MIA for years… This could be helpful for people with multiple Macs. In my case I need 3 copies of RW-7’s - Now, $99 on the Mac App Store

In another tread I explained why it is better to ignore the App store as it doesn’t get updated quick enough leaving yoi with expensive useless versions (they crash when trying to publish a site). I am not sure really if Rapidweaver is a good choice as it seems that this “discourse” forum is the main way to get any feedback within a reasonable time. Support SLA states 72hrs! It is almost 2017 and it seems that Rapidweaver is still doing business as being in the eighties. I know this sounds negative, but having paid good money for a dead end product is not what I expected.

And your recommended alternative to “dead end rapidweaver” is …?

I think RAPIDWEAVER is great. I’ve been using it for many Years… I don’t know that many pieces of software that has been around for 15 years… I just usually hang back and let the kinks get ironed out… But To each their own I guess.

  1. RW7 is now quite stable. IMHO updates do not have to be incorporated as quickly as in the beginning, so the move to the MAS to raise revenue now should not be surprising.
  2. RMS is a small team. They have to work on a lot of support requests.
  3. Why should RW be a “dead end product”?

Thanks, Jannis
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