Rapidweaver 7 Happy in Maui

Finally a release without problems!! I was quick to complain last time, now, congratulations to the team for a job well done. Aloha


Thanks, that’s awesome to hear :smiley:

Happy Weaving!


@ben meant Mahalo! :wink:

:frowning: Spoke too soon… My One little designer theme does not work with RW7. So I’m trying to publish with a new theme. I can’t publish… I guess I’m going back to Transmit FTP for a while…

Hi @Waiopai which 1LD theme are you using? I’m having some hiccups with Omnicon and Hemera. Thanks for letting me know!

I’m using Seaworthy theme from One little designer. I had to go back to RW6.0.9 RW7 won’t publish and Seaworthy is not compatible yet with it. Also now I can’t upgrade to RW 6.6.4 What a nightmare…

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Hi there
I had the chance to use the beta from the beginning, I must say it works incredibly well.
No problems.
What I most use and like: working on MacbookPro and iMac on the same project.
Really a great step forward :slight_smile:
A very happy user :slight_smile:


1LD answered me… He sent me a new version, now it works… But not all resolutions… For now I’m still using RW6… I have several web sites, using rw7 for some. Publishing is working fine. Very happy overall…


Got everything working now. 4 current projects moved from RW6 to RW7. Any hiccups solved with the help of the developer. Thanks to 1LD and Nimblehost again for being fast and helpful!

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Hello @Waiopai.

I had some problems publishing as well in the beginning. Below are the steps that worked for me (assuming you’re using FTP):

  1. Go to the Publishing tab and select ‘Publishing Setup’
  2. Select ‘Extended Passive (Default)’ under the Mode tab
  3. Then click the Browse button next to the Path tab to select the folder of your choice.
  4. Also, under Connections, select 3-Average

Hope it works my friend and happy weaving.