RW 7 unable to publish

I have emailed support with these issues, but wondered if anyone here had any solutions while I wait.

I upgraded to RW 7 yesterday. Everything seemed to transfer over from RW 6 OK, and my project file quickly updated to the new format. I cannot, however, publish the project to my FTP server. All settings are identical to the ones I used in 6. The connection test is successful, the path is correct etc. When I click browse, the pop up box is empty with no directories listed, but I can see them if I look using Vyper FTP. Every time I try to publish, the pages are exported and then it freezes on the first file upload before giving an unable to publish error. I also have to re-enter my licence code every time I open RW7 - ??

I amusing El Capitan on an iMac, Tesla Pro, and publishing to Easyspace.

For some users, some settings actually have needed to be changed (like ftp type). Check out our knowledge base article on publishing troubleshooting and see if there’s an answer there:

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Changing the mode in the publishing settings to “extended passive” worked for me.



Changing the mode in the publishing settings to “extended passive” worked for me. And me.

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Changing to extended passive half works. I can now use the browse button, but it still won’t publish :frowning:

I have also emailed support. I can’t believe that I did not learn my lesson from the last upgrade. What a nightmare. My site looks like crap now, my One Little designer Theme is not compatible with RW7. I can’t publish. I have to use Transmit FTP. I emailed theme developer. Meanwhile trying to publish with Theme Kiki…
Worst thing is, this time I paid money for this suffering!!!
I have 2 other sites, I won’t touch them till things are resolved. Can I go back to RW 6.3? How?? Please help

Went back to RW 6.3 I can’t upgrade to latest version. Freezes everytime… At least I’m publishing my old site!!
I might be asking for my money back…

Publishing and licensing are the two problems I have - very frustrating after the perpetual blog menu issue I had with RW6! Hoping for a reply from @dan soon…

My upgrade seemed to go smoothly. Had to purchase the new version of Stacks. I made some changes to my website and then tried to publish. In RW 6, the publishing, even of every page/resource, took less than 5 minutes. In RW 7, over 6800 files are to be uploaded to my server. I let the publish run all night and somewhere along the way, the publish crashed. What is going on? Why the 6800+ files, why the crash. I will remain with RW 6 for now.

Thanks for the tip! Changing publishing mode to Extended Passive worked for my 1and1 hosted website.

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I too can not publish. I can’t even publish a single page. The upload starts and always stops and different random points.