Rapidweaver 7 (hide Slogan)


  • How can the Slogan of the whole website be just shown at the browser version, but not at the mobile version?
    That the slogan will not be shown at the mobile version?

  • Is it possible that typing at the corporate (logo) that the user will return to the start-page?
    How can this be done?


THis could be done with CSS. A URL to your site would help.

Not sure what you mean? Clicking or typing? by start-page you mean home page? Thing most theme’s do link to the base URL (home page) when clicked.


Thanks for the reply. And how can it be done with CSS? Just that the Slogan will be hidden by the mobile version?

By clicking on the brand of the company return to the mean home page. I am not sure how that feature can be enabled.


To be able to provide the correct CSS for your site and theme, we need to see it. Without a URL, in most cases, it’s impossible to help.

Hi Neil,
the url is: www.tb-dem.at

It would be great if you could me with that problem!

Thanks Lars


@media only screen, all
.slogan {
display: none;

Thank you, but then the Slogan is hidden by the desktop as by the mobile version. I just want to hide it at the mobile version.

Is this possible?

Try this one

@media only screen
.slogan {
display: none;

it doesn’t work, the slogan is also shown by the desktop and the mobile version…

And how can i make it that by pressing the brand i will return to the start homepage?

You need to add a max width to the media query:

@media only screen and (max-width: 640px) {
  .slogan {
  display: none;

You can set the 640 to the width your theme switches to mobile.


looks like your menu switches to mobile at 868px.

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Thank you very much, now it works.

And how i can change that:
By clicking the brand of the company to return to the start of the homepage the first site (welcome page)

How can the size and the font of the slogan be changed? Moreover how can i adjust it that if i have offers that the sub-items will be subjected? I am using the theme KIKI.

If you are talking about the “logo” link, that’s controlled by the theme. Most themes will use what address you have set in settings>general>web address

The URL above is does not appear to be the KIKI theme, but multilode?

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Ok thanks you very much, the problem with the ,logo is now fixed.

And due to the size and slogan i have found a alternative. Now i am using the TESLA Theme, but is it possible to show for example Google Maps so that it stretch to the whole screen (map is fullscreen) of the device?

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