RapidWeaver 8.1 Beta 2 - Dark Mode, and S3 Publishing, oh my!

Hello Weavers,

So this is the second public beta for RapidWeaver 8.1 — In this version, we’re continuing to focus on stability and making sure we’re compatible with Mojave. But in short 8.1 is going to be awesome, lots of fixes and new features. Read on to fund out more…

We’ve added support for Amazon S3 publishing, so if you have an account we’d love for you to test this and report back. Please remember S3 doesn’t support PHP, but if you’re just producing a static HTML site, it should work just great.

Please be aware, some of the UI will appear a little screwy in beta2 due to the work we’re doing to support Dark Mode, we’ll get it all fixed up for the next beta.

What’s New?

  • Started work on Dark Mode for Mojave!
  • Added Amazon S3 as a Publishing Destination
  • Added support back in for copying a resources URL.
  • Fixed an issue with adding edited photos from the resources browser
  • Fixed an issue with resources not getting exported when previewing
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would appear to deadlock while opening projects
  • Resources can now be dragged from a child folder to the root resources folder
  • Source list layout is now restored between opens
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would re-publish all files on every publish
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would get stuck looping between pages
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect path would be used for social tags in the page header
  • Fixed an issue with multiple buy buttons showing
  • Removed the javascript that was removing line breaks from the Offroad theme
  • Fixed an issue where banner images wouldn’t show due to an issue with CSS consolidation
  • Fixed a naming issue with FontAwesome
  • Show Properties button in Blog now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue with page styles being incorrectly applied to Master Styles
  • Fixed up an issue with the Addons Installer
  • Fixed up various crashes in the Photo Album Plugin
  • Fixed a crash when using “Reveal in Finder” and the resource cannot be found
  • Fixed up crash when using the link panel
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur in the Snippets Window
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements to boring (or too secret to mention yet)
  • [DEV] Added a method to plugins to mark a page as changed without reloading the preview #2781

While we feel this build is stable enough to use on a daily basis, please be aware it is beta and is not final. Make sure you back up any mission-critical projects before using them with this version, and yes, you can run this alongside other versions of RapidWeaver should you wish.

I understand that this is a beta and will probably contain bugs, but I would still like to download RapidWeaver 8.1 beta 2

If you do find an issue please report it here on this thread.

Happy Weaving!



That fixed some issues I had, nice update. Have a request, and if it can not make it in 8.1 hopefully in 8.2…

I loved the way to set your default theme in RapidWeaver 7, it made sense, it is a preference setting and should be in those settings.

I do know how to do this in RapidWeaver 8

And think this is an OK spot to have it in, but my request is to put it back in the preferences area as well. Why remove it, it seems to fit the preference area so nicely.

Just my 2¢.
Loving RapidWeaver 8!


Two bits of feedback from me:

  1. Great to see previous versions of RW8 get rid of the surplus type="" attributes on Stylesheet and Javascript links and fix large numbers of validation errors in the process. But from my own tests, it seems that if you add custom code via the Page Inspector, we’re still getting these surplus attributes added. Any chance they can be removed from there too?

  2. A customer pointed out to me that it would be a nice addition if the theme API could support tooltips on custom controls; just like how the Stacks plugin uses the toolTip key to set tooltips. Then we can provide a bit more information about what a setting in a theme does or what it has an effect on.

Nothing else from me at the current time. RW8 is still working brilliantly for me and the feedback I’m getting from customers is overwhelmingly positive :+1:


I don’t know how much it matters. But the Social media image tag URL’s have been fixed, with one exception. I found.
Before if you did not specify an image at the page level it defaulted to the site banner(although it had an invalid URL). That still works if you have added a banner, but if you did not change the banner, and used the default banner it does not produce the image tag. I don’t think it’s not a big deal, because if someone wants social tags they probably aren’t going to want to use the default banner anyway.
I really don’t think long-term the banner and og:image tag are very good candidates to be the same. Facebook’s image ratio can be quite different than a banner’s ratio.
From Facebook’s best practices:

You should use a 1.91:1 image ratio
Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels

That’scan be quiet different than a banner depending on the theme and Facebook will chop and crop the image to fit. Facebook limits the file size to 8meg, that shouldn’t be a problem but for folks new to making websites and don’t optimize they might go over.

Loving the Dark Mode support, good stuff! Now we just need Stacks to get with the Dark Mode program!

According to a post over on the Yourhead Slack channel Stacks 4 will introduce a Dark Mode.

I’m putting a link here to another post

Please, give also those who work under Sierra the possibility to choose the Dark Theme … Please! … :wink:

Dark Mode is part of the system, see the Mojave page for more details:

I wish we could offer it to all users, but unfortunately you need to be running Mojave!


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Thank you very much Dan for your answer (sorry, Google translation).

I understood that Dark Mode was integrated with Mojave, but there are many applications that offer optional dark display mode, such as ForkLift, Byword for example … :wink:

Otherwise, great pleasure to use RapidWeaver (8.0.3): I have not noticed any transition problem with version 7. Or otherwise may still be difficult to “integrate” the operation of “Resources” or at least its limitations (even failures) …

Good day to you… :wink:

Why not proposed code completion when you type the code in the column CSS (right panel/sidebar)? This happens in versions 8.0.3, 8.1b1, 8.1b2. The settings are all enabled.

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