RapidWeaver 8.1 Public Beta 10 (Build 20462b)

Hi Weavers,

Here’s the latest beta of RapidWeaver 8.1 - this will hopefully be one of the last betas before release, stay tuned!

Please be aware: We’ve made some big under the hood changes to how file management works , this is part of our continued work towards getting RapidWeaver fully Sandboxed and onto the Mac App Store.

Make sure you back up any mission-critical projects before using them with this version, and yes, you can run this alongside other versions of RapidWeaver should you wish.

If you find any issues please report them here in this thread.

What’s New in 8.1 Beta 10 (Build 20462b)?

  • Further work on Dark Mode
  • Fixed up a bunch of crashers!
  • Various other minor fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 8.1?

  • Sandboxed!
  • Dark Mode for Mojave now supported
  • Added Amazon S3 as a Publishing Destination
  • Touch Bar support added
  • Added support for resizing the preview in the main window
  • Added support back in for copying a resources URL
  • Added a new drop down menu to the Simulator toolbar button
  • Added iPhone XS Max to the simulator window
  • Added an option to disable OpenGraph metatags on a per page basis
  • Add a new preference to disable UI sounds
  • Multiple selection is now supported in the Resources Browser
  • Resources can now be dragged from a child folder to the root resources folder
  • Source list layout is now restored between opens
  • Improved the handling of files in the Resources Manager
  • Files in the Resources Browser can now be renamed
  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap plugin and sitemap.xml was displayed and exported incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with adding edited photos from the resources browser
  • Fixed an issue with resources not getting exported when previewing
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would appear to deadlock while opening projects
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would re-publish all files on every publish
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would get stuck looping between pages
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect path would be used for social tags in the page header
  • Fixed an issue with multiple buy buttons showing
  • Removed the javascript that was removing line breaks from the Offroad theme
  • Fixed an issue where banner images wouldn’t show due to an issue with CSS consolidation
  • Fixed a naming issue with FontAwesome
  • Show Properties button in Blog now works correctly
  • Fixed various podcasting and channel issues within the Blog page
  • Fixed an issue with page styles being incorrectly applied to Master Styles
  • Fixed up an issue with the Addons Installer
  • Fixed up various crashes in the Photo Album Plugin
  • Fixed a crash when using “Reveal in Finder” and the resource cannot be found
  • Fixed up crash when using the link panel
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur in the Snippets Window
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements to boring (or too secret to mention yet)
  • [DEV] Added a method to plugins to mark a page as changed without reloading the preview

I understand that this is a beta and will probably contain bugs, but I would still like to download RapidWeaver 8.1 beta 10 (Build 20462b)

If you do find an issue please report it here on this thread.

Happy Weaving!


Add files to the Resources window, close this window (on a red circle) and immediately a window appears about sending an error message. At the same time, the program itself continues to work.

Not happening here with B10 - adding Resources working OK.

However, this bug is from the last beta (8.1 beta9).

Just a comment about a notice that pops up when opening one of my projects (This didn’t happen with the previous two betas on this project) “This document uses files in multiple locations that Rapidweaver is unable to access…” and asks me to choose the directory where whatever it is is stored. There is no clue as to what this is referring, stacks, themes, resources, or anything else. An idea of what is being looked for would be helpful.

I seem to have a problem getting PlusKit to work in the 8.1 betas. I have a page pulling in two simple stacks pages onto another page using the @import((source_page_name)) format. This has worked perfectly, up until I started using the last three betas. Now any change on the page stops it working. The only way I can solve this is to go to RW8.03 on another machine, mark the page as changed, save and publish, then it works again, until next time. Might be something for @isaiah to look at. The page in question is at www.itsbeautifuloutside.net/internationals/

The naming issue with font awesome is fixed, but only for the naming of pages. In the sitemap, the pages still do not show up.

Favicons do not work!!!

  1. Never EVER do this. Under any circumstances. It may work, but is almost surely unnecessary. Use a Partial instead. Partials always work, don’t require a plugin, and can be used even when there are stacks with very complex scripts and content – places where PlusKit has a very hard time and is likely to fail.

  2. Even though you shouldn’t do this, it’s still a bug, if you send me a file with the problem and clearly highlight the pages in question (hint: just delete all the other pages – that makes it super clear :wink: ) then I’ll have a look at it. But… I am trying hard to ship the Stacks 4 beta right now, so I may give this the priority it really deserves – which I’m afraid is probably not very high, since you really should never EVER do this.

  3. Never EVER do this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Did I repeat that enough times?



I think I got the message!

I rebuilt the page using Partials in about five minutes. I have to admit that only after re-reading the Partials section in the Stacks Manual, did I realise how much I have been missing in simplifying my workflow.

Thanks for pointing out something which should have been obvious to me, but for some reason wasn’t.

I look forward to seeing Stacks 4. :smile:


By the way, after deleting files from Resources, after closing this window, an error message appears with a suggestion to send a report.

I sometimes get that as well, however, sometimes I am opening RW8 GM. Not sure if there is a connection.

I must say b10 breaks far less often for me than b8 or 9.

Pluskit not working. @import((pagename)) does not work anymore. Using RW 8.0 it does.

Have a look further up this thread! :wink:

I had seen that post and Isaiah’s reply, however that is a different issue. I am not importing stacks pages into stacks pages, I know how to use partials. I am importing a blog page into a stacks page which used to work with RW 8.0.3 and does not anymore with RW 8.1

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