Rapidweaver 8.6.2 Publishing

Publishing has suddenly stopped working on all my websites in Rapidweaver 8.6.2. I haven’t changed any settings, but publishing stops with a query about the ftp server, which is correct. I can upload via a file transfer app with the same settings, but I get “can’t upload to your FTP server” error message.

Looks like the error is happening on the backup step. Without seeing the logs it’s hard to say for sure.

Looks like you have the option to Skip Backup, did you try that?

I bet the site published okay, but for some reason, the weekly backup isn’t working. That’s probably why “I can upload via a file transfer app with the same settings” works. The ftp app doesn’t do the backup of the project file.

Right at the end of this kb article, there are instructions on how to get the publishing log file.

I will try that when back in my office tomorrow.

The backup wasn’t the issue, it still failed to publish, but it didn’t freeze the project as previously.

I turned the “mode” to active and that appears to have fixed the issue, on this site at least.

I will refer to the article if I have problems with the other sites I’m working on at present.

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