FTP upload fail

(Antony Hateley) #1

I know there are already a few threads about this but I can’t see one that offers a solution to my particular problem.

Until recently I had no trouble uploading via FTP but now each time I try I get the following message:

Couldn’t upload to your FTP server: Upload failed (at start/before it took off)**

When I test the connection it says success but the upload always fails with the same message. I have spoken to my host and they have checked everything their end and it appears to be fine.

I’m using RW 6.3.8
Any ideas?

(gary pullings) #2

Any update on this yet? It just started doing this to me.

(Brian LaPan) #3

First off, update your Rapidweaver to v. 6.4

(gary pullings) #4


I am Using 7.02

I think I might have figured it out. I changed from passive to extended passive and it seems to be publishing I will check back in about an hour to see if it published.

(Brian LaPan) #5

OP was on v.6 that’s why I posted that.

Latest versions always at https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/

And ftp troubleshooting here:


(gary pullings) #6

ok it published, you have to change to extended passive publishing and it will publish. It won’t publish under any other conditions.