RapidWeaver 8.6.2 keeps crashing on opening

This morning RapidWeaver 8.6.2 keeps crashing when opening any existing project.

Creating an new project: crash!

Disabling all plugins, same result.

After backing up the folder:


And uninstalling RapidWeaver in SetApp and reinstalling RapidWeaver: same result!

I am unable to use RapidWeaver at this moment. Help!

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Something for @dan ?

Thanks for the heads-up, we’re looking into this now…

@Jaap_van_der_Veen could you send us a crash report?

Crash report in link below:


Crash report:


@Jaap_van_der_Veen looking at the crash report, it appears it’s a Stacks related crash. Drop @isaiah from YourHead an email with the details, hopefully he’ll be able to help you out.


Despite this, the crash report does look like it’s Stacks that crashing.
Stacks 3.6.9 in specific

So we can go in two possible directions here:

  • if the crash really does continue even with all plugins disabled
    in this case i suspect the RapidWeaver devs will want to see a crash report from that run in particular. the crash report will look quite a bit different without Stacks involved. and seeing that crash report will help them identify the root cause of the problem.

  • if the crash actually goes away when Stacks is removed/disabled then i think you should send our support folks a copy of your project. here’s how/what/where to send the project info: Sending Your RapidWeaver Project

If you have any trouble with that, just let me know. If you’ve already sent it then I’ll probably see it in my email in a few minutes. :smiley:


I had the same problem.

My system is 11.6, but I’m a Stacks 4 user.

I reinstalled 8.5.1 and haven’t had any problems since.

I did not send any crash reports, though I guess I should have.

Me too. Mine crashes when using cmd-z. Am using foundation 6 and stacks 4. Both latest versions. I noticed it used to crash after a number of undos (3 or 4) but now crashes every time on first cmd-z. Very frustrating!

The multiple undo crash is a known bug in Stacks. Isaiah is aware of it. I think that the fix is slated for 4.2 at this time.

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Thanks Joe - loving F6 by the way!

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I moved back to 8.6.1 as well and any issues I had were now gone and everything is working fine again. Thx to Joe for the link on that!
I’ll wait for the next update and try that instead. Sometimes these things happen.

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